Horses and Ponies For Sale

At Bradnant, besides producing our own horses and ponies for the riding school, we are able to also produce horses and ponies for sale to the same high standards we set for our school horses and ponies. We don't classify ourselves as dealers - we don't buy and quickly sell on for profit. We do buy or breed our own horses and ponies for producing for ourselves and others and occasionally for general sale.

The horses and ponies listed in the section are all produced over months if not years to a high standard and we are confident they will not disappoint! All horses and ponies can be tried out at Bradnant in our indoor areana or outside on our grass arena (weather permitting!) and besides us showing you what the horse or pony can do, we are happy to provide you with a lesson or two as part of the deal to understand how they behave under saddle and get the best out of your new purchase - something you can't always do when buying a horse or pony from a private seller.

All our hoses and ponies for sale are open to full vetting - which we would always encourage.

             Sorry, nothing for sale at the moment