Pony Days

Pony Days at Bradnant are always special events because they allow you to spend a whole day at Bradnant looking after the ponies and usually riding at least twice during the day!

Each month we try to run at least one Pony Day. During months with school holidays, we usually run two Pony Days a week as they are very popular!

On the day, you are allocated a pony to look after and ride. You will groom, feed, tack-up, learn about pony care and ride all in the same day - ideal for those who love being around ponies and not just riding them!

The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm and you will need to bring a packed lunch. All ages and abilities welcome - its an ideal way to get into horse riding!

This year we are introducing themed Pony Days! It might be based around an activity such as jumping or dressage or it might be Cowboys and Injuns!! Check out our upcoming events page to find out when the next Pony Days are!!!

If you wish to book in for our next Pony Day just call Bradnant on 01686 413942 or email us via the contact form.

Below are some pictures from previous Pony Days.