Bradnant Equestrian

Every person and every horse is individual. At Bradnant we tailor a livery to suite both your needs. Want us to muck-out weekdays but not weekends? - no problem. Want haylage instead of hay? - no problem. You get the idea.

All our liveries come with a stable - we don't do 'grass livery'. Turnout is all year round but can be restricted in very wet weather to protect the grass. We like to feed all our horses (our own and liveries) at the same time each day so no horse feels left out - we don't charge to do this for you. Nor do we charge to put up haynets. If you are unexpectedly unable to come and muck out then just give us a call and we can do that for you as there is someone on-site 24/7 who knows and understands horses.

Call us or email and let us know what you and your horse need and we can provide a weekly price for you. Better still, pop in and have a look around and tlak to some of the other liveries and see what they say!

All our livery packages include a stable, auto water drinker and use of our secure tack room, visitors lounge, WiFi and indoor arena.

Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons