Riding Lessons

Learning to ride is fun and not only that its great exercise! But there is more to it than simply sitting on a horse. Many riding centres offer what we term 'donkey rides' - you don't learn how to ride a horse, just how to sit on one! At Bradnant we want you to be able to have confidence you can control and ride a horse properly so we teach you to do just that - right from the start.

At Bradnant we care about the welfare of our horses as much as the welfare of our riders! We want out riders to enjoy learning to ride a responsive, schooled pony or horse and not a dead-to-the-leg plod. To achieve this all our horses and ponies are schooled to a high level and besides being a riding school horse or pony they get to go to local shows and compete in competitions such as dressage and TREC. When you come for a lesson at Bradnant, we want you to learn to ride properly - not spend all your time just trying to get a horse or pony to move!

At Bradnant we will teach you to ride using your core strength - there should be no need for kicking and pulling.

We have a good range of riding ponies and horses - from our smallest, Bertie, a Shetland cross right up to Max, our Germany Warmblood - we have a horse or pony to suite every size of rider - and with horses and ponies capable of showjumping, cross country, dressage, TREC, mounted games, BHS Stages 1/2/3 training and so on, we have a horse or pony to suite your riding needs be they learning from scratch, improving an aspect of your riding, or doing BHS training with us to pass your stage exams.

We believe in teaching 1:1 or in small groups - you just don't get enough individual attention in large groups. With that in mind, we always insist on a persons first lesson or two being 1:1 or 1:2 to allow the maximum amount of time to concetrate on getting the basics sorted. After that, the instructor will advise on whether it's better to continue individual lessons or move into a small group.

For experienced riders looking to improve an aspect of their riding ability, we can teach 1:1 to directly address a problem, be that in general riding or in a more specialist aspect such as dressage or jumping. We can also arrange clinics for a group of riders with our own instructors or with a visiting instructor, call for details.

Riding Lessons